On Trying New Things


I am not great with trying new things, I am a very “hesitant” person. I need to think everything through before doing it – and that tends to lead to the answer “no I’m fine thank you”. This might be why I only learned to ride a bike 2 summers ago. *insert embarrassed face* or well.. *insert extremely proud face*  – I’d say I’m 20% embarrassed and 80% extremely proud..


full grown adult at the park (people say I don’t look it but still)

bike seat too low for her

shaky, wobbly… awkward may be the word

bf running by her holding on to her bike…

and the week after you see her father with her making sure she doesn’t get hurt… (no of course I didn’t ask him to run by me)

okay, what I’m saying is.. it took some thickening of skin to go through that, nevermind overcoming the fear!

Biking is now one of my favourite things to do in the summer, I am so glad I did it. Thankfully I am a little less awkward now :)

I used to love dancing but ever since university I’ve been as active as… a dining chair.. Perhaps that’s the reason why my health went down a little since then and now there isn’t much of a choice in the matter – now I must have a healthy amount of exercise in my life! People around me are really great with encouraging me, and I feel very blessed. My parents go to the gym a few times a week, and this makes it a lot easier for me to go as well. Following their routine keeps me accountable. My mom also enjoys going to zumba classes, and she’s been telling me to go with her for at least half a year now. Being the hesitant me, it took those 6 months and an extra drop in health to decide to go do this “fun way of exercising” with her. And so yesterday I went!

Other than the instructor my dad was the only male in the class hahaha. I chuckle, but it really is out of love, I really applaud my parents, especially my dad who will do anything my mom wants to do. They’re cute.

Anyway, it was really fun – I had no idea what I was doing half the time and wasn’t well coordinated at all but it was great to sweat it out for an hour ;) and zumba with my parents? pretty awesome. awesomely hilarious. but awesome.

It’s not comfortable doing things you know you’re awkward at, but I know first hand that a little bit of willingness and a spoonful of determination can make you fluent in anything.

Trying new things used to be about learning how to do something I couldn’t do. That’s assuming I couldn’t do anything until I learn it. Now I know to think differently, you never know what you can’t do unless you’ve tried it – so assume you can do it until you learn that you can’t :)

Try something new! You could be really good at it.

Spring is in the Air

iPhone Transfers1
Must admit, it was the loveliest weekend.. everrr.

It’s hard for me to find a weekend entirely free of heartaches, frustrations, and worry – being in a long distance relationship and being pre-diabetic put “limits” on a few things in life. Despite of an extremely stressful time at work lately, I was quite light spirited as soon as I saw that the sun was still up when I left the office. Spring is in the air, and I can’t help but smile and get a little giddy on the inside. Continue reading

Enjoying My Minute



It’s been an extremely busy week for me at work. 1 location opening, 2 in the works – both working drawing sets due on the same day – one for construction, one for landlord approval. Although I’m excited to see the end products, I can’t say I’m not the least bit overwhelmed. The happiest and most comforting moment was to steal away for 15 minutes for a cup of cappuccino.. and getting coworker’s homemade peanut butter chocolate cupcake! :) On any other week I probably don’t care much for that cup of cap, but this week it’s like 15 minutes of vacationnnnnn. It’s good to be busy, makes you enjoy every moment you’re not working, every single minute of it! Like the negative space of a photograph.. finding rest…letting me breathe…

Anxiety Taught Me to… (1)

IMG_1638Chocolate Orange icing and Strawberry Meringue icing, both on chocolate cake.

Alright, perhaps anxiety didn’t teach me the following things, but these are things I do to relax and de-stress myself – hugely caused by my tendency to get anxious over things. Here we go, anxiety has “taught” me to:

1) BAKE! – it’s therapeutic. The two in the photo are ones I love making over and over again, to a point where I think my friends are bored of eating them.

It’s great because all you have to do is follow simple instructions, but you must focus – Which helps me push my worries, anxiety, relationship issues, essentially all emotions aside so I can complete the task perfectly. (I am freakishly annoying when it comes to my baking, everything has to be perfect) Sometimes we forget how wonderful giving feels, and I think it really is part of the therapeutic magic to give and see others appreciate your gifts. Homemade gifts are very well received, especially when they don’t see it coming! Pick a random day to give “just because” treats, they sure bring a lot of smiles!

2) WRITE! I almost force myself to write in my journal at least once a week, mostly on Sunday afternoons. Sundays are very spiritual/emotional days for me. It being the end of the week, the day before Monday, also after attending service in the morning – thoughts and emotions are just everywhere. For me, writing in my journal really helps me figure out my own thoughts. We absorb so much information during the week that I find the only way to process them properly is if I jot them down and write out exactly how I feel about things. It doesn’t need to be well thought out, doesn’t need to make sense, as I finish writing, my thoughts will have figured themselves out even if they’re not “correct”, yet. They always fix themselves eventually ;)

3) RUN! not run away, but going for a jog -is very refreshing. Focus on breathing, let your thoughts run freely as you speed down the path. On days when I am down, which happens to all of us- sometimes without reason- I find exercising (more specifically, when I really work my muscles and feel it aching) helps bring my attention back to the present. I know I worry about a lot of things that haven’t happened yet and may very well never happen -that’s basically what anxiety is – and it’s important to remind myself to bring my thoughts and attention back to the present time and just live it one moment at a time, one step at a time. If you focus on simply putting one foot in front of the other and do that a couple times, you would be surprised at how far you can go :) that’s what I did!

more to come, see you soon!

What are some of your favorite ways to relax/deal with stress?

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On inspiration…

Very interesting thought brought up during sermon today by the speaker..

“Inspiration cannot be manufactured.. it is from God”

Once inspired, we must be intentional and act upon it. Otherwise what good was the inspiration?

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She said Saturday

Photoblog: michael kors watch, wilfred purse & sweater | architecture: louvre, paris

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
-Coco Chanel

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Blessing In Disguise


Wearing: Hunters

“..so it was a blessing in disguise really…” she said to me.

Words I really needed to hear this week. Words that could’ve easily been missed in a casual conversation. I paused, and let it sink in.

My client said this to me after going through a loss..

I don’t believe we need to go through a loss or a big trial in life to appreciate this.

Is it okay to get upset over small things? I ask myself, well I say yes. Little things can easily make me smile so why should I feel bad if I get upset over a detail. However, we do need to remind ourselves there is always a reason to smile and a reason to be thankful.

I’ll admit I had a tough week at work, people like to make others around them feel bad, uncomfortable, and humiliated. There will always be people like that around, especially in an office. For me, it’s a design studio. It’s not easy working in design and I just don’t think anyone realizes that. So the next time you talk to your designer friend, cut them some slack because they go through hell everyday.

A blessing in disguise, she said. Very thankful I got this reminder this week. Have an amazing weekend everyone!!

Love Lockdown


A photo I snapped while in Paris last year with a dear friend. We didn’t have locks on us, but the romantic part of me very much wished I did. It was a magical moment for me that night as I stood on the bridge being reminded that we all search for the same things in life. No matter where we are or where we’re from, who we are now or what we’ve done before. War aside, politics aside, we will always have some things in common. If you can picture yourself on this bridge right now with that someone; cherish it- It’s a beautiful thing.

She said Sunday

photo 1 blueberry

Taken with iPhone4

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre